The Most Common Medical Tests Performed

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When it comes to seeking medical treatment for an array of conditions, it’s likely that your physician will be performing some tests. These test results help doctors verify your condition and rule out other possible problems. So that you are better prepared for any future problems, it’s a good idea to understand what the most popular tests are. 

The first common medical test is the MRI. This procedure is used to get pictures of the anatomy of the body. Through the use of a strong magnetic field and radio waves, doctors are able to capture images of the organs in the body. An mri imaging kenai ak not only helps doctors to diagnose injuries and disease, but it works to allow them to monitor how well a current treatment plan is doing. 

A mammography is another popular type of test, typically performed on women. This test uses X-rays to photograph the breasts. This works to show tumors or cysts that are not big enough to be noticed on a physical breast exam. This particular test is recommended to be performed at least once per year for women under 40. Those over the age of 40 should be checked twice per year. 

Colonoscopies are performed regularly for patients reaching middle age. This test is performed by looking into the rectum and colon to identify any ulcers, cancer, or swelling that has occurred. It’s best to have this particular type of screening done at least once every 10 years after you turn the age of 50. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase EKG from one of those medical shows, but don’t fully understand what it is. This test is formally referred to as an electrocardiogram or EKG for short. This shows how the heart is pumping. This is the test you’ll most commonly see in medical related television shows that have a ton of small electrodes attached to the body. These electrodes are hooked up, via wires, to the actual machine that reads the test results. This reveals to your medical professional heart attacks, a slow heartbeat, and a fast hard beat, among many other things. 

Another popular test you’ll hear repeated time and time again on television shows in the CBC or complete blood count. This measures the number of cells in your blood and the types that they are. This is best to determine what your health status is, evaluate your nutritional health, and screen for any disorders that involved the blood cells. The most common conditions that a CBC can help to diagnose is leukemia, anemia, infection, and malaria. 

There are many medical tests that doctors use to diagnose conditions, rule out conditions, and to verify how treatment is going for an existing condition. While it may take years to fully understand the broad spectrum of tests that are offered, it’s a good idea to understand the most common. This will allow you to better understand what your doctors are explaining to you about your own health or the health of a loved one.

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