Do I Have Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss can often be a much subtler problem than simply not hearing what people are saying to you. In many cases individuals will deal with hearing loss for a long time before they are properly diagnosed with a hearing impairment. Here are a few signs of hearing impairment that you might find surprising. If any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you, an appointment with a hearing specialist lawrence in could be the next step you need to take to correctly identify a hearing impairment.

Turning Up The Volume 

Individuals who are constantly turning up the volume on their televisions or radios could be experiencing a hearing impairment. Often people will say that they simply enjoy their volume loud, however, there could be underlying hearing issues which cause them to enjoy things this way. You can try decreasing your volume and attempting to re-train your ears to enjoy music or television at a reasonable volume. If after a few days your ears do not adjust to the lower volume and you actually cannot hear the music or television program, it might be a good idea to see your doctor. 

Ongoing Confusion with Directions 

Occasional confusion with directions happens to everyone once in a while, but if you find yourself constantly being confused over directions that you have been given, it could be that you have not heard the directions clearly. It is often very frustrating for both you and those you live with when there is confusion concerning instructions or directions. This is especially true when the instructions are very important or the consequences of not following directions can be critical. If you continue to have this problem even after trying self-help measures. such as making reminders, an appointment with your doctor could be the next step. 

I Can Hear You But I Can’t Understand You 

One common type of hearing loss which can be very confusing, is sensorineural hearing loss. With this type of hearing loss, a person will often be able to hear the volume of someone’s voice but will not be able to decipher what the person is actually saying. This is an extremely frustrating type of hearing impairment because it leads the individual to believe they do not have hearing loss. If you can hear the sounds you assume that you can hear well. This type of hearing loss is based on being able to hear the pitch of some sounds while not being able to hear the pitch of others. This can lead to confusion when deciphering the meaning of words and not simply the sound. 

Avoiding Social Situations 

Social isolation is one extreme sign of hearing loss which is often experienced by individuals who are not aware of their problem. Often individuals will rationalize their hearing impairment away, however, social situations become more and more stressful because of not being able to hear and interact properly in conversations. Over time you might find yourself avoiding social situations altogether and not even realize that you are doing this because of your hearing impairment. 

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