Why You Should Never Ignore Your Symptoms

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In America, there are many people who spend their lives facing symptoms that they will simply just ignore until the pain gets worse. For many people, stomach problems such as bloating can seem common, so many people tend to overlook these symptoms. However, it is very important to be fully aware of any symptoms that your body faces, since many of the times you truly don’t know what your body is going through until you actually get tested and examined by a medical professional. According to the American Cancer Society, experts estimate that there will be about more than 27,510 brand new cases of stomach cancer in the upcoming year of 2019. Unfortunately, there will be approximately more than 11,140 individuals in America who will end up losing their life to this type of cancer. The average age of people who get diagnosed with this type of cancer is the age of 68 years old. Studies also show that there will be about 6 out of 10 people who will be diagnosed with having stomach cancer and are at the age of 65 years old and older. Fortunately, you are now able to get properly screened earlier, so that you have a greater chance of surviving stomach cancer with the appropriate treatment. 

According to No Stomach For Cancer, studies show that there are approximately more than 1 million new cases around the world, which individuals are getting diagnosed with stomach cancer. Stomach cancer has also been known to be the fifth common type of cancer around the entire world. Statistics also show that there are approximately 1 in 111 men and women who will end up being diagnosed with stomach cancer in their entire lifetime. Stomach cancer can be a very fast-moving an aggressive type of cancer. It is very important for you to become fully aware of some of the common signs and symptoms of having it. For example, some of the common signs and symptoms of stomach cancer include the following: bloating, poor appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, discomfort in the abdomen, heartburn or indigestion, nausea, vomiting, blood in the stool, low red blood cell count, a sense of fullness after eating a small meal, etc. 

Fortunately, you are now able to receive proper screening in order to detect abdominal issues and especially stomach cancer and its most earliest stages. If you notice that you are experiencing a great deal of symptoms, you want to make every effort to reach out to your physician. You want to try to be aware of any obvious changes that your body faces. Take time to make an appointment with your nearest primary physician by looking up any bloating brooklyn ny specialist. From here, you may also be able to learn more information about some of the common symptoms of stomach cancer and many other abdominal issues. 

With the proper screening and early medical care, you are able to receive the appropriate treatment for whatever medical condition you are undergoing. It is important to understand that proactive medical care is one of the only ways that you can survive any serious medical condition. Take time to visit with your primary care physician in order for you to assess your situation and symptoms and receive the treatment that you need.

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