What to Expect When Considering Braces

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Visiting an orthodontist can cause anxiety for many potentially new clients. But many people have a desire for straight teeth. Braces are widely effective for people young and old to get straighten teeth. But with that said, people tend to have a fear of the unknown. So that leads to the natural question of, “what should I expect for your first visit to an orthodontist?” 

The first meeting with an orthodontist, specifically when it comes to braces, is usually pretty standard. There may be introductions to the staff, along with a possible tour of the facilities. The first appointment is really for the orthodontist to access the situation, to answer any questions, along with make a plan of action. The consultation will generally include x-rays of your mouth, impressions of the teeth will also generally be taken at this time. Then your orthodontist will go over cost of the the braces and care after, including retainers. This appointment will lay the ground work for your braces plan. Reliable orthodontist nunawading will have you leaving the appointment feeling confident and well educated about braces, and how the process works. 

The plan for everyone is an individual one. Not everyone will need the same treatment or the same amount of time. People with different issues will require different things. Such as correcting an overbite or underbite. Overcrowding is another common issue, along with gaps in the teeth. The second appointment is generally when the teeth will be cleaned and then prepped for having the braces on. Cement will be placed on each tooth, along with the actual brackets being placed on. This appointment takes the longest. There will be minor discomfort, but no pain comes along with this step. Next comes the insertion of the wire. This piece of metal is what helps straighten the teeth and will be regularly replaced at future appointments. A thin piece of wire will be wrapped around each bracket. Then each bracket will be closed locking in the wire around the teeth. Generally getting the wire placed in can cause discomfort. The tightness of the wire a few days after each appointment will be sore. 

The first appointments are generally the longest. The consultation can take some time, and so can placing on each bracket. But future appointments should be relatively quick. Once the braces are on, the appointments after generally consist of adjustments. Anywhere from every 3-6 weeks, depending on the treatment plan created by the orthodontist, these appointments will be made. Adjustments generally consist of opening the brackets back up, taking the wire out, then placing a new wire in that is adjusted to the current placement of your teeth. These appointments don’t hurt. But a few days after, the newer, tighter wire can cause discomfort. 

Regardless of age, braces can be a life changing process. A beautiful smile can change the confidence and demeanor in any person. The process can be scary, and cause anxiety but the desired outcome is by far worth it.


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