Seeking Treatment For Common Foot Issues

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Any type of pain that you experience in your foot can be debilitating. Sometimes, the pain that you experience could be indicative of another type of condition, such as diabetes or an infection. Instead of dealing with pain that is uncomfortable and that you might not be able to control, consider learning about some of the causes of foot pain and making an appointment with a podiatrist. 

Plantar Pain 

If you wake up in the morning and feel a burning sensation in your heel or even a stabbing feeling, then you might have plantar fasciitis. A foot pain portland or doctor can examine your heels to determine if there is any inflammation present, which is often the cause of this condition. The reason for the inflammation that occurs along this ligament is often stress that is put on the heel or tension. The type of shoes that you wear and some of the high-impact activities that you perform can cause this tension. 


Although they aren’t appealing to look at, bunions are common issues with the foot that can occur at any time. You’ll notice that there is a large bump that could be red in color located on the side of your big toe. Some people think that the kind of shoes that you wear cause bunions. However, shoes only irritate these areas on your feet. Bunions occur when the bones in your feet and toes shift whether it’s from genetics or the activities that you perform each day. Surgery is a common treatment option for this issue. 


This is often a painful condition that impacts the shape of your toes. While most toes are straight, a hammertoe looks like a claw with a crook in the center. The muscles in your toes are contracting more often, resulting in the appearance of a claw instead of keeping your toes straight. It is a condition that can cause intense pain and that can make it difficult to wear shoes with an enclosed toe. 


You might think that arthritis occurs in your hands or in other joints in your body, but it can also impact your toes. Your bones don’t sit as straight as they once did, which can cause shooting pains along the sides of your feet and in the toes of your feet. Small nodules can also form in your feet, which can be unbearable to walk on and uncomfortable while wearing shoes. A type of arthritis that often begins in your feet is gout. This is a condition that is often hereditary, but it could also develop because your kidneys are not functioning as they should. You’ll usually notice the condition begin in your big toe as it will swell and become very red. It could also be sensitive to any kind of touch. These symptoms are also signs of an infection, which means that you need to see a podiatrist as soon as you can. One of the things that you need to keep in mind about gout is that it can begin to impact the rest of your foot and ankle in a short time.

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