Providing Care For Your Loved One

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It’s time to make a decision about where your family member will spend their final days. It could be at a nursing home where the person might feel restricted or feel like the environment is similar to a hospital. An assisted living facility is an option to consider that offers a bit more freedom and quite a few activities for residents. It’s almost like being in a small apartment with the help of healthcare personnel when assistance is needed. 

One of the things that you might not know about an assisted living care white plains ny facility is that there are multiple levels of care that are provided. Most of the time, residents live on halls with others who have similar health issues and with people who are able to perform similar levels of care for themselves. This allows nursing assistants to better navigate their time during the day by providing care to those who need it the most on one hall while checking in on residents who can provide more of their own personal care later in the day. 

Although the type of care that is provided at an assisted living facility is usually the same, each location is often different in how it’s designed and arranged. The activities that are offered usually depend on the attractions and events that are held in the community where the facility is located. There are facilities that look elegant and formal while others have more of a comforting design. The goal is to make each resident feel like they are at home and that they are safe and secure. You’ll usually find that most facilities have about 100 residents. Three meals are served each day as well as a snack in the morning and in the afternoon. There are usually holiday celebrations, birthday parties, and special events that the residents can choose to partake in if they want. Many facilities have a hair stylist who comes during the week as well as a church group or pastor who offers Sunday services. 

A benefit of many facilities is that they allow pets to live with the residents. Keep in mind that you might need to go through an interview process to ensure that your loved one’s pet can stay in the building as some breeds might not be allowed. There could also be weight limits for pets as well. 

The costs associated with an assisted living facility is usually less than what you would have to pay for a nursing home because there aren’t as many medical services offered. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t medical staff or nursing staff available. It simply means that the residents at this type of facility usually don’t need the level of care that one might find in a nursing home or hospital. Most of the residents can get around on their own and usually don’t require the help of a nursing assistant. They can usually bathe themselves and feed themselves as well. Some residents might need a little extra care, but the environment is often very different than a nursing home.

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