Information About Senior Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted living is a long-term senior care option that provides personal care support services such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation. In comparison, a nursing home is a private institution that provides residential accommodations with healthcare, especially for seniors. When comparing nursing care to assisted living, residents in a nursing home require 24-hour care and monitoring. In addition, they often have more complex health conditions that require the assistance of a skilled nurse. With assisted living, residents require protector care. 

Other Differences With Assisted Living 

Other details of assisted living that separate them from a nursing home are the number of residents, type of food service, style of housing, cost and extra amenities. For most assisted living facilities, you will find that they serve three meals a day, plus snacks, laundry, housekeeping, transportation to appointments, errands and recreational activities, as well as wellness and exercise programs. 

Security And Safety 

One feature that many seniors like about assisted living is the safety and security that these facilities offer. There is full-time emergency call system and some assisted living facilities offer patients with mild dementia, care and protection. Monitoring systems are in place in common areas and surrounding property to prevent residents wandering and getting lost. 

Daily Activities And Personal Care 

Keep in mind; assisted living facilities offer daily help to residents with personal care activities. Personal care involves getting dressed in the morning, eating meals or enjoying a bath. Most facilities also offer physical therapy, pharmacy needs—either on-site or making sure that residents have what the need and salon services for residents. 

Housekeeping, Laundry Services And Meals 

Housekeeping is another service that assisted living facilities offer. Housekeeping includes, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and washing and folding laundry. Meals in assisted living come in various forms; room delivery, cafeteria style or full-service restaurant style. Find out about any senior assisted living services Columbus OH

Wellness, Social Activity And Wellness 

In most assisted living facilities you will find gaming rooms, areas to socialize and have a cup of coffee and small libraries. In addition, many offer social activities like book sharing groups, movies and garden clubs. Other activities outside of assisted living may consist of theater outings or mall-walking. Fitness room and wellness classes are also offered for those who are interested. 

Tips On Finding The Best Assisted Living Center 

To find the right assisted living center for your loved one check your state office and look for any mistreatment or wrongdoing that might be going on. State records will show if any crimes or offenses have occurred in an assisted facility. Talking with the staff and current residents can help you find out what it is like living there. Be sure to also find out about the facility’s security features by talking with the administrator or director. Of course, talk about the cost of the home and compare the cost to your current finances. To conclude, find out about assisted living and see if this housing option will work for you or your loved one.


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