Plastic Surgery in LV Nevada

Dr.Branden Reynolds-Plastic Surgeon. Staff portraits Photography by: Emily Wilson

Some individuals find that over time their once firm rounded buttocks begins to sag due to aging. Some except it as it is and never think twice on if it can be reversed. There are places all around the world that can help aid the fight against the aging process around the buttocks. Sagging of the buttocks can be related to several factors; aging, weight loss, and gravity pulling on lose skin all contribute. There are procedures which can be done by a trained professional that will potentially rid the worry associated with an un-sightly buttocks. This can be done in several ways, one such common method is the removal of fat somewhere in the body and inserting it into the buttocks to give a firmer, rounded feel. An individual will have to go through an initial consultation to asses their potential needs.

Their are two common methods used for Brazilian Butt Lifts, fat transfer and liposuction. The initial consultation will evaluate which one would better benefit a particular individual. The process goes through multiple donor locations and once one is established, the next phase can begin. Once the fat is removed it is injected into the buttocks area. This is the first of many steps needed for a successful lift. Many layers of fat tissue may need to be used to acquire the ending an individual seeks. The incisions used for the treatment are small and often times do not develop any noticeable scars.

A Brazilian Butt Lift las vegas nv is considered an outpatient procedure, usually done under local anesthesia, the entire process generally takes about 2 hours from start to finish. This process may be shorter or longer for some, it all depends on how many donor sites are used. It is normal after the surgery to experience bruising, swelling and pain around the buttocks area and the area where fat was transferred from. individuals will experience discomfort when sitting due to the procedure, once the swelling has subsided, patients are encouraged to sit as much as possible. The pain and discomfort are generally expected to last roughly 3 months after, this is the amount of time need for the body to recover and accept the new shape of the buttocks.

Butt lift surgery’s are en elective procedure, meaning it is not covered by insurance agencies. The general cost for the procedure ranges from $6,000 to $9,000, this number is variable depending on how many donor sites are gone through and how many layers are needed for the procedure. As well as the fat transfer and liposuction method, their exists a third option. Individuals whom want to increase size without the use of fatty material are credited with the option for implants. Implants offer a unique advantage over fat transfer, once fat has been inserted into the body, over time it may merge with existing fat and once again begin to sag, Implants do not sag and leave the area firm and rounded.


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