Koso Ball Ex Enzyme Supplements

What are enzymes, and why do we need them? Enzymes are protein molecules, and they help other organic molecules enter biochemical reactions; and are not affected by the reactions. Enzymes are also used for functions such as digestion; they fight pathogenic bacteria which are molecules that helps with some sensory functions including sight, smell, and touch. When there is a shortened supply of enzymes, our metabolic capacity is shortened where it becomes harder to break down and digest foods. This causes the body to feel tired and exhausted. 

Why are more enzymes an important factor to our health? How can such a small thing such as a protein molecule make such a big difference? Enzymes are the missing piece that could solve problem of Alzheimer’s, and other neuro-degenerative diseases. Basically, these neuro-degenerative diseases form from the protein abnormally folding in on itself destroying the neuron structure, the neuron connections, and building into disruptive complicated clumps. Research shows that after we hit our 20’s, our digestive metabolism drops drastically. In finding solutions to enzyme deficiency, one may find the genius implementation to use highly useful fermented enzyme supplement

What is a great brand of enzyme supplements? Koso Ball Ex is a great resource used for balancing the enzyme to molecule scale. Eating healthy enzyme rich supplements is like eating life molecules itself, in that supplements charge you with great energy and create faster food breakdowns. We suggest Koso Ball Ex because it is one of the few supplies that use all natural and organic vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Just to name a few ingredients that are ideal include cabbage, rosemary, soybean, corn, chickpea, oat, cashew nuts, barley, jalo bean, and ginger. 

Why do our bodies require more enzymes as we age? Is it that as children, we are required to eat more enzyme rich food portions such as apple and oranges? Or do we naturally become lazy with our eating habits as we grow older? Overall, the deterioration of our bodies increases with age and that includes the decrease of our antioxidant, digestive, and metabolic enzymes levels. Surprisingly, in a study that took swabs of the saliva enzymes of seniors in their 70’s, the found that they had 30x less amylase enzymes than that of men in their 20’s. The fact that age comes with a decrease of enzymes means, shows that a secret to maintaining good health and youth is maintaining a steady level of metabolic, and digestive enzymes deriving from healthy fruits and vegetables. 

Why choose Koso Ball Ex? This Japanese fermentation enzyme supplement derives from all organics vegetables herbs, and fruits which were produced in Brazilian forests that were considered one of the cleanest forests by the World Heritage Site. Furthermore, just one pill holds the complex mixture of the great variety packed produce mixture. All in all, well balanced enzyme levels can be considered the exact essence of vitality and strength. Supplements made through a multi-step fermenting process can be trusted as the healthiest route to in choosing digestive aid products, as well as, energy boosters.


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