Getting The Best Coffee From Your Machine

In the past, you needed to have a percolator in your kitchen in order to brew coffee. Then, the coffeemaker was created. This cut down a lot of work for people as they were able to brew coffee within minutes without a lot of work from them. They simply added water to the pot, put coffee in the holder and turned on the machine and it did all of the work for them. This was such a time saver that many homes began to put them in their kitchens and tossed away their old coffee pots. However, in recent years, a new product has come on the market that has evolved coffee making into an art form. The K Cup coffee maker has become one of the biggest selling kitchen appliances in history. 

What Is A K Cup Coffee Maker 

The K Cup, as they have become to be known, is a coffee maker that uses pods to brew coffee. Each pod has the exact amount of coffee inside of it to brew one cup of coffee. The machine that brews it is about the same size as the older coffee makers were and the process is similar. You pour water into the recess, and instead of measuring out coffee for the basket, you just pop a pod into the holder, close the top and within a minute you have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. This has reduced the time and work for making a cup of coffee down to almost nothing. Very little effort is needed to do it. The price you pay for the coffee maker itself has come down over the years and is relatively cheap to buy at the moment. Many people will tell you that this is the best invention in years. 

Coffee Pods Are All The Rage 

With the advent of the k cup coffee maker, came a whole new market for many companies. They were able to put pods together using their coffees and market them in a whole new way. The sales of k cups has steadily increased since they were introduced. There are so many flavors of coffees that are now available and each of them will have its own brew strength. Many companies have also introduced other products into the k cup industry such as, hot chocolate and even tea. Since the coffee makers use only water to brew whatever you want, you could potentially make any desired drink in them. Some even have features to make cold brewed teas and coffees. Starbucks is a leader in this market and if you look at their website under something like starbucks k cup pod products, you will find that there are hundreds of different items available. 

Coffee has become one of the biggest sellers over the years since these new and easy coffee makers have been invented. There are now coffee houses in almost every town where people go to meet and drink their favorite beverage. K Cups are a big draw to many of these entrepreneurs who have opened these types of businesses.


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