Factors Behind Increase I Pollution

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Have you hear the word global warming you should hear it on different new channels or research channels. The weather conditions of our earth are changing rapidly due to this global warming. The factor behind all this is the increasing level of pollution on our planet. We mostly heard that the biggest threat to our planet is from nuclear war. But we will not sure this event will happen or not. But have we done something about that threat which is building on us day by day and it getting worse as time passes?

Pollution is one of the main threats to our planet these days. Mostly we take over every problem with the help of technology. But in this case, the matter is little different technology is the main factor somehow how is contributing in it most. If we see our history when human beings are developing their new planet which has all the facilities they neglect all negative aspects associated with that lifestyle.

So when we are busy in the development of the new world with the help of latest technology. We forget how it could harm our environment and damage our natural way of living. These technologies are invented and produce to create ease in human life and it will happen as well. But along with that these new products create massive pollution in our environment. In the era of industrialization, people develop the number of factories and work their day and night to produce new products. But these factories are the first step of humans toward a polluted planet.

Factors of pollution:

So if we talk about the factors of pollution these factories which are established in the era of industrialization is the main factor behind air and water pollution. When people are working hard in these factories to upscale their living standers they are compromising on the future of this planet. They are building new factories which were creating pollution and cutting down trees which help to reduce pollution. So what we were doing at that time we cut all factors which reduce pollution and place all those factors on earth which increase it.

So what happened these factories produce dangerous to smoke in the air and pollute it. Along with that, they produce wastes which are thrown in canals and rivers so by doing this these factories are polluted our water as well.

Then the automobiles and air conditioners we are using in our homes also contribute to air pollution. These two products are also damaging our ozone layer as well because of which we see an increase in global warming. Now companies are producing such products which help to reduce in pollution along with that there are some products in the market which is used to reduce air pollution in a specific area living air purifier is one of those products. These purifiers are used to clean air for a targeted close area you can set it in a room and it will purify the air of that room.




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