Dihydromyricetin: Dosage, Side Effects, and Uses

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You must get all the information about Dihydromyricetin to ensure that everything is perfect. Such things ensure that you avoid various types of side effects and get the best outcome from it. When you have all the data based on scientific research, then it will prove beneficial for you. Such things ensure that you get the best outcome when using the medication.

How it prevents intoxication?

The first test was for the effects of DHM on Loss of righting reflex or the time it took rats to flip while being placed in a V-shape cradle. When administered alcohol with DHM or a placebo, the DHM dosed rats had a significantly lower LORR.

However, when administered flumazenil, a drug that blocks the GABA receptors, all the benefits of DHM were instantly lost. It suggested that DHM and Coenzyme Q10 might work in the same way, by blocking alcohol from activating those receptors and therefore preventing the rats from getting intoxicated, despite the large amounts of alcohol in their blood.

Dosage of Dihydromyricetin

For reducing the effects of intoxication, it is recommended that you take DHM before drinking. If you want to prevent hangovers, it’s recommended to take it during or right after drinking.

If you want to reduce intoxication, then 2000 – 4000 mg is ideal, whereas for preventing hangovers, 300 mg per drink is effective.

Are there any side effects?

Dihydromyricetin is used in Asia for more than thousands of years as an anti-intoxication medicine and hangover cure. It is considered safe for humans, even in massive doses.

In a study, investigators failed to find any side-effects while giving mice massive doses of up to 22g/kg body weight.

Adaptations from rat to human pharmacology could be estimated using the HED ratio of 16%, giving DHM a safe upper limit dosage of 15.68g for a 70kg person.

What are the uses of Dihydromyricetin?

A quick search will show outcomes that Dihydromyricetin is hepatoprotective, and it has anti-diabetic properties. It is good for hangover prevention, among other things. The main aim is to shine some light on these claims to clear up to separate the facts from the myths.

So, you can consider all these things about Dihydromyricetin (DHM), which ensure that you are aware of everything before using the drug. Such things will prove beneficial to ensure that everything is perfect. You should be careful about the side effects so that you can immediately get medical attention.

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