Coffee Flavor Without The Coffee

For most people, they put coffee grounds in a machine so that they can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or throughout the day. If you don’t enjoy drinking coffee but still like the aroma and flavor of the beverage, there are a few recipes that you can make with ground coffee. Try to use the freshest product available so that it has a strong flavor as some ingredients can take away from the strength of the coffee in the recipe. 

One way that you can use any Folgers ground coffee is to make a rub for various types of meat. Pork works well with coffee flavors as well as beef. Avoid using chicken because it doesn’t absorb the coffee and other ingredients used as well as other types of meat. Consider blending the grounds with a liquid marinade if you don’t want to use the actual grounds on your meat. Since coffee grounds stay fresh for some time if they are in the right container, you can make a rub ahead of time that you can keep on your kitchen cabinet or in the refrigerator so that it’s ready when you want to use it in recipes. When you use a rub with coffee grounds, you want to bake the meat or fry it on low heat so that it doesn’t burn. 

Cookies are good to make using coffee grounds. You can create almost any kind of cookie with the flavor of coffee, but chocolate chip is usually the best option as chocolate and coffee pair well together. You could also make sugar cookies if you want more of the coffee flavor to come through. An option would be to find a flavored coffee, such as mocha or vanilla if you want more flavors present. Coffee grounds and brewed coffee can make your cookies a bit softer and a bit more decadent compared to only using sugar, eggs, and other ingredients. 

If you enjoy sweet treats, then you’re going to want to make a pan of rich and fudgy brownies using coffee grounds. The coffee combines well with the fudge flavor and brings out some of the other components that are in the recipe. It also gives more substance to your brownies if you’ve had issues in the past with flat or lifeless pans of the sweet treat. Another chocolate treat that you can make any time of the day would be muffins. Mocha coffee is a good option to use when making muffins. You can make a large batch to serve at one time or that you can freeze for later. Fruits that would work well in the recipe include strawberries, blueberries, or cherries. 

Hamburgers with ground coffee in them are an idea to consider if you want to add flavor to this easy recipe. Make sure the grounds are fine so that they don’t stand out in the hamburgers. This can also bring out more of the coffee taste throughout the entire burger instead of in small areas.

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