Beauty Tips During Pregnancy that You Should Know  

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Having a bun in the oven brings about many changes. Hormonal fluctuation during these nine months can be challenging for future moms, since their skin, hair and even teeth will most probably be looking and feeling different than usual. The physical appearance changes along with the lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you should give in to the hormonal rollercoaster and accept what you may not like. That’s why we have selected the most efficient beauty tips that will definitely help you get back your glow and feel great in your own skin.

1.      Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is always vital both for your looks and your health, but being pregnant adds even more to its importance. The reason for this is your organs take water from the skin cells as the blood thickens, which makes your skin look dry and feel dry. This accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and gives the effect of faster aging. Furthermore, water cleanses your body of toxins helping you and your baby stay healthy and happy. Apart from drinking it, you can intake water in many fruits and vegetables that are an inevitable part of a healthy pregnancy diet.

2.      Eat well

Your eating habits will inevitably change during this delicate time. You might fancy foods you haven’t enjoyed before or feel disgusted by the taste and smell of something you adored before. Whatever the case may be, it is important for the healthy growth of your baby to eat well and eat regularly. Feel free to consult your doctor on the best food to eat and stick to your diet chart religiously. You need variety, regularity and healthy portions to ensure all goes to plan until the baby is born. Also, you’d be advised to kick some unhealthy habits such as excessive intake of sugary foods or smoking.

3.      Get enough sleep

One of the most prominent signs of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, is fatigue. It is of utmost importance that you get enough rest and relaxation in order to rejuvenate your mind and body. Pamper yourself and make sure you are comfortable. Find a position that suits you best and keep your posture right. As the baby progresses, you might find a maternity cushion just the right solution for a good night’s sleep.

4.      Try to exercise

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Even if you haven’t engaged in physical activity before, this would be a great time to start. There are numerous sets of exercises designed especially for pregnant women, like maternity yoga or classes designed specifically for prenatal. Not only is this extremely healthy for both you and your baby, but it gives you the opportunity to meet other expectant mothers, share experiences and make new friends. Should you wish to engage in certain sports, consult your doctor to find a gentle one suited to your capabilities.




5.      Take care of your skin

There are many important things you should focus on during pregnancy, but don’t forget your skin. Staying hydrated already helps you maintain that irresistible glow, but you might need some extra help as well. Plant-based or herbal skin products are preferable for regular use and you should always consider your skin type before making a purchase. Your hormones might cause some minor damage to your skin so make sure that the products you use do not contain any harmful chemicals that could make matters worse.

6.      Makeup

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should forsake your favorite makeup rituals. If the night got the best of you and you wake up with bags under your eyes, use a concealer. If you notice any spots due to hormonal changes, get that foundation and cover it up. There’s really no need to head out unhappy because of your skin that is currently not looking its best. Just choose products without harmful chemicals and spend some time enjoying yourself while putting on makeup. You’ll both look and feel much better.

Of course, you expected changes while expecting, but those changes can be managed and dealt with easily. All it takes is a little flexibility and adjustment to this new lifestyle for you to feel in control again. After all, this is the best time to pamper yourself and enjoy your time being a future mom.




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