Why Many Women are Choosing Breast Augmentation

It’s not uncommon for a woman to be unhappy with the way that their breasts look and sit. If you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, breast augmentation can be a wonderful option for altering the way that your chest looks. This surgery involves changing the look, shape and size of the breasts, allowing them to be more symmetrical and more comfortable. To begin the process of the surgery, you will need to visit with a plastic surgeon who will be able to do a thorough examination and consultation before undergoing the procedure. 

What to Expect with Breast Augmentation 

Before visiting a local breast augmentation Bellevue WA center, you will need to set up a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon. They will do an examination of the breasts to determine if you are a viable candidate. You will then go over varying options available for your new breast shape and size. Along with a routine examination and consultation, you will go over payment options and pricing so that you know how much the procedure is going to cost. Once the appointment has been scheduled, you will visit the surgeon’s office to have the breast augmentation done at your own convenience. 

Pricing and Costs Associated with the Procedure 

Unfortunately, breast augmentation isn’t usually covered by insurance. Because of this, you could wind up paying upwards of $10,000 on your own to have the surgery done. The exception to this is with breast cancer patients who are having augmentation done as a form of reconstruction surgery. In many cases, these patients will have the procedure covered due to it being part of their treatment for breast cancer. If, however, you are having the breast augmentation done as a cosmetic procedure, you will need to pay for the amount on your own. Many offices offer payment plans and special medial credit cards that you can be approved for upon a credit check. These financing options make it easier and more worthwhile to have the procedure done without the headache of paying for it all out-of-pocket. 

With the number of women who are displeased about their breast shape and size, it only makes sense to visit a local plastic surgeon to find out about breast augmentation. This procedure has changed many women’s lives and is an ideal operation for those who are tired of feeling badly about the way that they look. Unlike some other surgeries, breast augmentation is done relatively easily and can be completed in roughly two hours in the surgeon’s office. There are also no hospital stays involved, since most plastic surgeons are able to perform the procedures in their own offices under sterile conditions. The first step is to find a reputable surgeon who is able to do the procedure and then schedule a consultation so that you can speak to them about having the breast augmentation done. You will find that you love your new look once it is completed and that you have more self-esteem.


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