How Long Does Weed Stay in your System

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Ever wonder why you seem to be failing drug test after drug test when you allot a reasonable amount of time to stay clean just before you get tested while applying for a new driver’s license? The answer to that will rely on the amount of weed you have smoked over the last 30 days and how often you smoke it. Before we proceed further, we would like to say that marijuana seeds do not contain any THC, thus eating them will not have any adverse or negative effects in any drug testing.

There are a lot of other factors to consider though. Let us take a closer look at how weed stays in your system and what are probable quick fix remedies you could do to quickly remove traces of it in your system

  • The more you Toke, the Harder it gets out

Cannabis can be detected in our bodily fluids, thus in drug testing laboratories, a urine sample is the simplest way to determine the presence of cannabis in your system. Weed is usually detectable in our system from 1 to 30 days after the last use, depending on the amount and frequency of your toking habit. Generally, the higher the dose and the more frequently one uses are associated with longer detection times.

  • Drug Tests, how long is it detectable?

Drug testing seeks out the weed and its by-products, which are called metabolites. They remain in a person’s system even after a long period of time has passed since it was last consumed. Here are a few of the Drug Tests administered.

  • Urine Testing

Marijuana is detectable in urine depending on the amount consumed and frequency of use after last using it. Below is a simple breakdown:

  • Using cannabis up to 3 times a week – 3 days in the system
  • Using cannabis 4 times a week- 5 to 7 days in the system
  • Daily users – 10 to 15 days in the system
  • Multiple times a day users – more than 30 days in the system

Marijuana metabolites bind to the fat molecules in the body resulting in a long time for it to leave the body’s system.

  • Blood Testing

Weed is detectable in the blood usually for 1 to 2 days but in some instances, it has been detected in some for 25 days. If you are a heavy user, it increases the time that it can be detected in the blood. Another fact worth knowing is that once cannabis is inhaled, it is almost instantaneously detectable in the bloodstream.

  • Saliva testing

Weed is detectable in Saliva for the following amounts

  • Occasional users – 1 to 3 days
  • Heavy users – 1 to 29 days

Weed and its smoke can be detected n the saliva via smoking and/or exposure to smoke but the weed metabolites can only be present in saliva if it is smoked by the user or ingested, canceling off second -hand smoke from being detectable.

  • Hair testing

After consuming cannabis, the metabolites reach the hair follicles passing thru the small blood vessels, and trace amounts usually remain in the hair. Hair follicle test may determine drug use for up to 90 days back.

  • Factors that influence detection

Several factors may influence the results if a test detects marijuana or not.

Test Sensitivity – Ultra-sensitive Tests may detect even the slightest trace of marijuana in the body’s system. These tests include blood, urine, hair follicle, and saliva tests.

THC Dose – THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana that drug tests try to look for. The presence of THC in a user’s body will determine if the user has used marijuana in the recent past. So the amount of THC consumed by a certain individual will reflect on the drug test. THC will accumulate in your system if you are a regular heavy user compared to a once a week user whose system may easily flush out the small amount of THC in his system after a few days.

Amount of Body Fat matters – people with higher fat contents in their body will likely have chances of getting THC concentrations in their system. Since cannabis metabolites attach themselves to fat molecules, fatter individuals will metabolize marijuana slowly than an individual with lesser concentrations of body fat.

Females and slow metabolization – Females metabolize cannabis slowly than males, this is due to females generally having more fat molecules in their body as compared to males.

Hydration – better stay hydrated all the time as being dehydrated increases the concentrations of THC in the system. So if you are going for a drug test, better make sure you are hydrated enough to lessen the chance of THC detection in your system.

Exercise – Exercising before a drug test may affect the THC levels in your system. Studies have shown that exercising right before a test will increase THC concentrations as the fat cells wherein THC are attached release these to the bloodstream thus increasing the likelihood of testing positive.

Metabolism – THC must be eliminated from the system, that is the aim for testing to be negative. People with faster metabolism rates tend to take THC in their system faster compared to people with slow metabolism rates.

So now it has been written, you can now prepare yourself to be THC free before being drug tested. Be sure to know the amount you have consumed prior and follow the guides on how to eliminate or lessen THC in your system. Good luck and happy smokes!

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