24 Hour Care VS A Facility: Which One Should You Choose?

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When a loved one grows older and needs more care, it is hard to figure out what to do. Should you move them to a care facility which might offer new opportunities, or hire 24-hour care and let them keep their independence. In this article, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of both to help you better make your decision. If 24-hour care sounds like the solution for you, find care in your area by searching 24 hour nursing care Manhattan NY

The Difference Between 24 Hour Care And A Care Facility 

The major difference between 24-hour care and a care facility is that with 24-hour care the patient gets to stay in his own home. The care workers come in 12 to 8-hour shifts, allowing someone to watch the patient at all times. The caregivers will prepare the meals, help with hygiene, medication, and household chores. This type of care allows the patient to stay in their own home, surrounded by what is familiar. Often they are allowed to keep theirpets. In 24 hour care, they can keep some independence. 24-hour care may be isolating for some and stressful to others. Different people will be in their house throughout the day. Agencies try to keep the caregivers the same at any house its not always possible. 

A care facility is a facility where the patient lives. Here the patient is watched by nurses throughout the day. The center takes care of all the patient’s needs and often has scheduled activities to help the patients physical and mental well being. Here they would have plenty of other people to socialize with, but it is at the cost of more of their independence. The patient’s items will also have to be consolidated to fit in their bedroom. 

The Cost 

The cost of 24-hour care according to an article from Met Life averages around 21 dollars an hour. The average yearly cost would be $183,456. With insurance, the cost could be reduceutilitieso around 200 dollars a day. The price mentioned does not include other costs such as mortgage, utilites, and food. Some 24-hour companies offset the cost of food by providing resources such as the meals on wheels program. 

The estimated cost of moving to a care facility is 83,585 dollars per year. The cost may be more if the facility offers extras such as lots of outings, classes, or other experiences. 24-hour care allows a person to continue the life that they are familiar with. They are allowed to keep their home, pets, and independence at sometimes a higher price. At a care facility, the person has to lose their home, any pets, and some of their things. The person moves to a new unfamiliar place, but they have better opportunities to learn and socialize. 

Both programs offer skilled professionals to watch the person throughout the day and night. To be there in case of an emergency such as a fall. Which one is better depends on what works best for the person receiving their care. If losing their house is going to upset them, try 24-hour care. If they are often lonely then a facility may be better.


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