What is cold-start or reverse dabbing?

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A newer type of dabbing, which is known as “cold start” or “reverse dabbing” is gaining a lot of popularity. The concept of reverse dabbing is a bit different from the traditional low-temperature dabs. Previously, low-temp dabs were achieved by pre-heating a nail, and loading concentrates onto that nail. But in cold-start dabs, you load concentrates onto a cold nail first and then slowly heat it. Due to the reduced temperatures and a cooler nail surface, you’re able to preserve the flavors in your dabs.

  • How to cold start dab?


As it is newer in the market, many cannabis enthusiasts still don’t know how to make reverse dabs. If you want to achieve the best cold start dab the first thing you’ll need is a nail. Use a banger if possible instead of a nail as the bucket design of the bangers allows a more even distribution of heat. An even distribution of heat is necessary when you’re heating concentrates on a cold surface. Standard quartz or ceramic banger will do your job or even a thermal nail.

When you’ve grabbed a banger or a nail, load the concentrates into them, but make sure if you’re using a nail, it should be clean as you don’t want to heat the residue of the previous dabs. After that, apply a bubble cap to the nail and start heating the underside of the nail, and the flame should be several inches away from the nail. The idea is to bring the concentrates to a temperature where they start to bubble and turn into a vapor. The time duration for the heating process is most often 10 seconds.

When the concentrates have turned into a vapor, put down the lighter and start to inhale. Depending on the amount and also the type of concentrates, you’ll get 1-2 puffs. Repeat the process until you’ve reached your limit and have the time of your life.

  • Advantages of reverse dabbing:


Reverse dabbing is best for people who want to achieve a very flavourful and a low-temperature puff. They don’t have to wait each time to heat and cool the concentrates for a single puff. It becomes easier for the people who’re in a rush, and you don’t have to worry about getting your heat-up and cool-down times right.

Reverse dabbing also preserves your hardware better than traditional dabbing methods. By using less heat on your equipment, you reduce the potential for breakage due to overheating.

  • Disadvantages of reverse dabbing:


Reverse dabbing can leave some residue behind after you’ve had a smoking session. Therefore, it’s necessary to clean and dispose of that char and waste before you start your next dab so you can get the authentic profile of the concentrate.

Another disadvantage of reverse dabbing is that you can only use it for a single session or if you want to load up more concentrates. The time which was saved by cold start dabbing is wasted when you’ve to wait for the nail or banger to fully cool down before you can clean for the next session.

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