Benefits of a Dula

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Finding the perfect Dula is important. You are welcoming home a precious piece of your heart and you want to make sure you are getting the best care. Birthing a child can be an overwhelming feeling because you want to make sure that you are fully prepared before the “Day”. Making sure to find a Dula that accepts your boundaries, beliefs, and needs are best. You want to know that you are in good hands and have a good birthing plan for you new bundle of joy. This will ease your anxiety and help you relax if you have a layout even if your plans have to change. 

Dulas are made to help with your decision making, practice comfort measures, practice care from birth attendants and partners, and protects the nurture of the birthing experiences. They recognize birth as a significant life experience. Dulas want to provide you with as much comfort as possible. Studies show that Dulas have decrease labor length by 25 percent, decrease the need for cesareans by 50 percent and have decreased the use of pain medicine by 30 percent. The have also increased the participation of fathers during the birthing process. Dulas help with postpartum care by giving new parents information on how to care for there children and what to expect after leaving their center. They want to help you with becoming a new parent and give you the confidence you already have even if you don’t know it. They want you to know that although you went through the birthing process they are still willing to assist if needed. 

Dulas provide classes to prepare you for the birthing experience, healing and recovery lactation and planning for your baby’s arrival.If Needed you will have bed rest support. They also offer photography for maternal and new born photos. Another thing that Dulas offer is sleep support for infants and toddlers. This is an added service that helps with developing healthy sleeping habits. They help by coming in day in and day out and surveying. They find the best options and make a plan for you so that your family will have pleasant nights. Since Sleep support is so hands on it is great to reserve as soon as you feel that you need this service or to have a back up plan. Regular check ups are available to make sure that your routine is working for the needs of your family. When searching Doula program services salt lake city ut you will find that information for all services needed are available.

You can find the best option for you and will be able to speak with a consultant to help make you feel comfortable with the process. You will understand that these services are different from the usual pregnancy experience because they are more hands on and focus on connecting with you and your partner. They want to feel more like a family member instead of a doctor or nurse. Dulas focus on your birthing experience being comfortable and natural.


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