Various Types Of Hand Sanitizers And Masks

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The outbreak of coronavirus has left people to prioritize their health. The world is regarding masks and sanitizers and there are important points to know regarding these two. Viruses stick to the human body, and with regular use of sanitizers, you can prevent COVID from entering your body.

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Hand Sanitizer Types

Sanitizers are very important and pocket friendly making it convenient to carry along for protecting yourself from the virus. It also keeps you safe from all kinds of infections. There are mostly two types of hand sanitizers:

  • Alcohol-based sanitizers

It contains minimum 60% to maximum 90% of alcohol for killing germs instantly. It comes in a liquid solution for washing your hands. First, wash with clean water and then spray the sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizers are powerful enough to kills germs and you can remain safe also.

  • Non-Alcohol sanitizer

This comes in gel content containing few drops of alcohol and it doesn’t do much justice in removing germs from your hands. It reduces infections but still, you cannot guarantee that the germs are killed 100%. You can carry these sanitizers easily in your pockets and use them whenever needed.

Face Mask types

Face masks are so much effective while protecting from flu, colds, and coughs. There are different face masks for different purposes.

  • Disposable surgical masks

These are those masks used for protecting oneself from viruses and infections. This is the type of mask that is recommended for protection against COVID. These are easily disposable and come at affordable prices.

  • Reusable respirator mask

These mask types are used for prevention against inhalation of chemicals, paints, solvents, and also woodworking. These masks can be reused and if you are doing glasswork, it protects that also. These chemicals can be fatal to your body.

  • N95 disposable respiratory mask

This face mask is used for protecting oneself from environmental pollution and dirt. N95 masks block 95% of the airborne diseases and viruses traveling through the air. It also protects from COVID and other infectious diseases.

  • Self-Contained Apparatus

This mask is used by firefighters. It protects from breathing in dangerously polluted conditions and situations. This mask is reusable and is not recommended for protection against COVID.

Hand wash or sanitizer- Which one is better?

Alcohol-based sanitizers help in killing the germs while washing hands only removes the germs but doesn’t kill it. Washing hands with soap will only trap the germs in natural oils produced by the skin. Alcohol-based sanitizers are best in this case.

What is the duration of the lasting of sanitizers?

A hand sanitizer lasts for only about 6 hours and sanitizers containing 60% of alcohol kills 99.9% of the germs.


Use sanitizers and face masks for protecting yourself and living a fulfilling life. Promote it for a healthy life.

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