A beginner’s guide to hockey

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Hockey was first introduced in 1928 and is a popular sport played competitively in many countries across the world, including England, Canada, the US, New Zealand and India.












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The game

As with many sports, the aim of the game is to score a goal by getting the ball over the goal line. This equates to one point or one goal. The winning side is the team that scores the most goals. If the game ends with no goals or the same number of goals, the result will be declared a draw. Teams that want to improve their chances can use hockey drill videos to perfect their skills.

Some teams in North America are unhappy with the conditions of their employment and are refusing to play competitively unless there are improvements.


The most crucial piece of equipment in hockey is the hockey stick. This is made of wood and has a flat side on one end, which is the side used to strike the ball. Using the other side is considered a foul. As the sticks are hard, and so is the ball, players need to wear shin pads to protect themselves against injury and will not be allowed to play without them.











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Each team has a goalkeeper. These players need additional protection and are required to wear padded gloves, a helmet protecting their head and face, and a chest pad.


There are 11 players in a team. These comprise attackers, midfielders and defenders who play in a set formation, plus the goalkeeper. The coach will determine the formation that is best for the team. Traditionally this is 4, 3, 3, depending on team strengths and the opponents.

The pitch

The pitch is 60 yards wide by 100 yards long and is divided by three lines. A line in the middle determines the two halves. There is another line 16 yards around the goal.


To score, players need to hit the ball into the net. This can only be done using the stick, as using any other part of the body is considered a foul. Players wondering where can I watch hockey drill videos can find many examples online.


Each game lasts 70 minutes and is played in two halves, with a five-minute break between the two halves for players to get refreshments and liaise with their coaches.


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